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Kasey Perry is pursuing the dream to join the ranks of elite dressage competitors at acclaimed international equestrian events. She has the good fortune to partner with two amazingly talented horses, a dedicated coach and a supportive family.

Because of the high financial costs to maintain these equine athletes in peak performance condition, and to train and compete at the elite level, Kasey is seeking mutually beneficial sponsorships, both monetary and in-kind. She believes in the possibilities, and looks forward to giving back to her generous sponsors.

Because I have the tools of a competent rider, I have the passion without the emotion which gives me the mental strength to teach my horses and to develop them into happy, willing competitors.


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Not all probiotics are equal. EquiOtic™ is the stand alone difference in the crowded direct fed microbial field. The horse’s gastrointestinal health is a challenge, easily imbalanced by stress, disease, diet, environment, or training. EquiOtic™ polices the GI tract by regulating the surface bacteria.

The Official Therapy Plate of the United States Equestrian. THE THERAPLATE GIVES YOU A COMPETITIVE EDGE!



Brooke USA exists to support the work of the Brooke, the world’s largest international equine welfare charity, which has alleviated suffering for 82 years.

Equine Omega Complete is specifically formulated blend of soybean and fish oil with all-natural vitamin E. Used by some of the top horse breeders, trainers, horse owners and veterinarians, it supplies a complete balance of beneficial fatty acids to provide the perfect fat for proper cell function. Equine Omega Complete is comprised of all human grade ingredients. We utilize non-GMO, mechanically expelled soybean oil (not chemically extracted) and provide a balance of omega-6 and omega-3 fatty acids. We use the healthiest type of all-natural, non-synthetic vitamin E. Each daily dose has 1,200 IUs. In addition, we utilize human grade, deep water, wild caught fish oil. Equine Omega Complete provides and supports the following: – May help reduce joint and tissue inflammation – Can significantly reduce chance of colic – Helps grow stronger, healthier hooves – Supports a beautiful, healthy hair coat – Builds a strong immune system – Promotes a healthy digestive system – Maintains oxygen/blood flow aiding in conditioning & stamina – Promotes a healthy reproductive system in stallions and mares – Assists in proper cell development and function – Promotes a healthy respiratory system – May reduce stress, anxiety and depression – Delays lactic acid build up in muscles.


EquiFUSE is a California based equine skin care line dedicated to enhancing the health and shine of the coat, mane and tail.
Our simple 6 step system yields unparalleled results using the secret of new cosmetic technology and natural additives. Each product is infused with essential oils, key vitamins and necessary proteins to fulfill all the skin and hair needs, while leaving a superior shine.


Excellent product craftsmanship and superior materials are the main focus for our riding gloves. When riding, a bond forms between horse and rider: a harmonic unison. To foster this bond, we manufacture elegant riding gloves through painstaking workmanship and with a love for detail, so that they fit like a second skin.

Triple Crown Nutrition is the Official US Equestrian Feed Sponsor for the Eventing, Dressage and Show Jumping Teams. Our premium ingredients & EquiMix® Technology provide superior nutrition for your horse. Triple Crown uses only the best grains, ingredients and our unique EquiMix® Technology. The Triple Crown line is a premium feed line that is always a fixed formulation. We encourage you to compare your horse feed brand to Triple Crown feeds in our newly launched Compare website, because there is more to a feed than fat, protein and fiber. See the difference with Triple Crown!



Bridle2fit is a unique concept that allows you to assemble your own bridle. Our designs show off fit and padding adding to the comfort of your horse, which is key in their performance. For the utmost customer experience, we work closely with bit fitters and saddle specialist who will come to your home to measure and fit. Bridle2fit is a young company that is based in The Netherlands, but will be expanding into the United States in the spring of 2017. The USA webshop will be launched May 1st!